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Cloé's Requiem Walkthrough

You will be play as Michel, a prodigy who run away from his destiny. Until he meet Cloé and lift the curse around them









Secret Room



  • Read the paper on the floor about tutorials
  • Obtain candlestand on the table at the left side
  • Go outside and lit the candlestand from the candle outside
  • Burn the spider webs on the both side of the stairs.

Moonlight Sonata Op 14

  • Go to 2F hallway and talk to Cloé
  • Say you will help her and obtain 1F West Guest Room Key
  • Go to 1F West Guest Room and examine bookshelves to obtain Paintbrush
  • Examine the hole in the wall, obtain 1F East Guest Room Key
  • Go to 1F East Guest Room, examine table to obtain scissors
  • Examine the crying doll to see what she want
  • Go to 1F West Guest Room and gauge the Doll's eyes
  • Chase event
  • Go to 1F East Guest Room and give the doll's eyes to crying doll
  • Obtain Moonlight Sonata Op 14 Music Score
  • Go to 2F hallway, attempt to play the Moonlight sonata with piano
  • Obtain Library Key on the table
  • Go to 1F Library, examine bookshelves with the shining signs
  • Examine table to obtain Quill and Ink
  • Go to 1F Hallway, in front of the painting under the right stair, there's a sad-looking statue which block the way
  • Move chair in front of the painting and paint over the man in the painting
  • Sad-looking statue will smile and unblock the way
  • Go to 1F Lounge, examine chest to obtain Violin
  • Chase event
  • Go to 2F hallway, and play Moonlight Sonata Op 14 with Violin
  • Cutscene


  • Go to 1F Hallway, obtain 2F Servant Room Key
  • Examine the fallen paper twice to obtain Housekeeper Notes
  • Cut animal stuff to obtain 2F Mother's Room Key
  • Go to 2F Mother's Room, examine the drawer and obtain Dirty Doll
  • Check the portrait
  • Examine bookshelves, read Diary
  • Check the portrait, red liquid on the wall and teddy bear
  • Examine old book on the table, and write the answer to obtain Cloé's Room Key
  • Go to 2F Cloé's Room, examine the dolls and obtain Stuffed doll made from cloth and Soldier doll made from wood.
  • Examine the fireplace, and lit it with Candlestand, stuffed doll and soldier doll
  • Talk to shadow in front of the fireplace
  • Examine table and obtain Family Picture
  • Show the picture to the shadow
  • Cutscene
  • Examine the fireplace, obtain Little Key
  • Open the toy box to obtain Small Drum
  • Put the small drum to soldier toy so he can play quietly 
  • Obtain Träumerei Music Score
  • Examine the fallen door and obtain Dirty Doll
  • Cutscene
  • Go to 3F Hallway and check out the piano
  • Obtain 2F North Servant Room
  • Examine the notes
  • Go to 2F Servant Room and burn the piece of stuffed doll and read the notes in the right
  • Burn another 2 stuffed bears and obtain 2 Missing Keys
  • Cut the family picture on the table to unlock the door and obtain cut out picture
  • Instal the missing keys into the piano
  • Playing the Träumerei score with violin
  • Cutscene

Caprice No 24

  • Go to 2F Hallway and obtain 3F Backstage Key
  • Go to 3F Backstage, read the Letter and obtain Rough Sketch
  • Examine table and obtain Hammer
  • Solve the mystery and find the Cello's Killer. Obtain Father's Room Key
  • Go to 3F Father's Room, examine bookshelves to obtain drawing paper
  • Open up the old album, and let Michel possesed
  • Go to 2F Cloé's Room, hold the diary in the corner bookshelves
  • Cutscene
  • Go to 3F Father's Room, examine old album once again obtain Family Photo
  • Examine behind the piano, obtain Tool
  • Use tool and scissors to open 3F kitchen.
  • Talk to A and D flame, and accept the invitation
  • Read the book about table manner and memo in the bookshelves
  • Rewrite the menu on the table
  • Go to 3F Hallway, take a seat
  • Have a proper meal and table manner with Cloé.
  • Go to kitchen, talk to D and obtain Caprice No 24 Music Score
  • Go to 3F Stage and play Caprice No 24 with Violin
  • Cutscene

Nocturne No 20

  • Examine the table, obtain 2F Passage away Room Key
  • Go to 2F Passage away Room and step down to the basement.
  • Enter the East Storage Room, obtain West Storage Room Key
  • Prepared the ink and quill then pick up the phone, obtain Numbers Note
  • Go to West Storage Room, examine paper and bookshelves
  • Examine piano then play it to get a chat with it
  • Say you like what piano did, then answer its questions to obtain South Storage Room Key
  • Go to South Storage Room then approach the girl
  • Chase event 
  • Go to South Storage Room then approach the girl once again
  • Cutscene
  • Pass through the room and go upstairs to garden.
  • Examine notes in right table to obtain Nocturne no 20 Music Score
  • Examine the papers in left table
  • Talk to Cloé and show her Cut Out Picture
  • Hand Cloé a Drawing Paper to obtain Protective Charm
  • Playing Nocturne No 20 with Violin
  • Cutscene

Final Curse

  • Obtain Silver Knife
  • Go down to Secret Room and feed the bone skull to obtain Hidden Room Key
  • Go to Hidden Room and examine piano to meet Alain
  • Chase event
  • Confront Alain and defeat him by destroy the piano
  • Go to Final Room
  • Ending

Puzzle's Answer


    The Question : After maid D and E quit, who will quit next ?
    Hint :  There's 2 teddy bears in that room. One is veteran since she know that the other one, or B is the last maid after the 3rd maid quit. Read the Housekeeper Notes.
    Answer : A


    The Question : There's 3 stuffed bears to remove the hatred.
    Hint : Notes tell that 'she' hates 3 of the maids. One already burn into ashes. There's 2 more
    Answer : Stuffed bear with A and C just the feeling thou.


    The Question : The menu for supper is kinda deadly and poisonous. Yes, it's Gross.
    Hint : Read the memo in the bookshelf
    Answer : Hors D' Ouvre - Soup - Fish - Granite - Meat - Cheese - Dessert - Coffee, Black Tea


    The Question : Have a proper meal so Cloé is not angry and the spirit will respect Michel too.
    Hint : Read the book about Table Manner
    Answer : Don't spread the napkin before Cloé does - Cut the fishbone, don't flip it - Fold the napkin - Don't fold it too neatly - Place it in left


    The Question : Playing the piano
    Hint : Number Notes in East Storage Room is the key
    Answer : 6321172 = La Mi Re Do Do Si Re = D S A A → S

The Question : 1st Question. What the notes that sounded right now?
Hint : Keep silent and listen once again
Answer : Fa
The Question : 2nd Question. What is 4/4?
Hint : Read the note in bookshelf
Answer : Time Signature

The Question : 3rd Question. This sound, what instrument was it?
Hint : Keep silent and listen once again
Answer : Xylophone

The Question : 4th Question. Somewhere in this basement, is a musical score. Please look for it
Hint : Look around the room properly
Answer : Inside the Room - Outside the Bookshelf - Bigger than Michel - The Room is the Music Score


The Question : Watch what its want
Hint : Check out notes that you've obtained
Answer :  Cello = Rough Sketch - The Piano's = Number Memo - Give Housekeeper Memo - Offer a Hand


Bad End 1

  • Go to Final Room
  • Choose Don't Swing It
  • Choose Hug Her
  • Event 

Bad End 2

  • Go to Final Room
  • Choose Don't Swing It
  • Choose Push Her
  • Event 

Normal End

  • Go to Final Room
  • Choose Swing It
  • Event 

True End

  • Before entering the final room, go to Cloé's Room and place dirty dolls on the sofa to obtain bells
  • Go back to the garden and attach bell to Noir's Neck
  • Go to Final Room
  • Choose Don't Swing It
  • Event 


  1. thank you for the walkthrough <3

  2. Guys....uhmmm...I just discover something in cloe's requiem, I don't know if some people already know about this or not, but I have check some walk through but it's not on, I'm just gonna say it, test it out guys if you want to .u.
    I just got the Cloe's Endingヽ(;▽;)ノ, but in the way the curse was lifted, After you go confront cloe's father, yes, you needed to put noir's bell on her neck, when you attach the bell to noir here's what you needed to do.

    Go towards the secret room and nori will come by
    Talk to her and you'll receive darkened bell
    Go to cloe's room and talk to shadow in front of the fireplace
    Go to left bookshelves and take cloe's diary
    Go to father's room and take old album
    Threw the diary and the old album in fire
    Talk to shadow in firepalce
    Attach the bell to blanc
    Go down the sercet room
    Talk to nori
    Cut scene

    (and that's all XD)

    go down to Secret Room and feed the bone skull to obtain Hidden Room Key
    Go to Hidden Room and examine piano to meet Alain
    Chase event
    Confront Alain and defeat him by destroy the piano
    Go to Final Room
    Don't swing it
    Hug her

    I got a PV after the credits XD

    1. Awww worth to try.. thanks a lot

    2. To get the "Cloé End" you need the Version 1.21 from Tosiaki
      The Version above is the Version 1.14 without the "Cloé End"

  3. Thank you so much! I went to get this, and that pv was what allowed me to calm down after this ending) Actually I think this preview implies that Chloe is alive! (Con amore as a game seems to hint this as well).

  4. No puedo ponerle la campana a Noir D: Help me

    1. Me paso lo mismo pero tenia un save antes de darle de comer a la calavera y desde ahi hice lo de las muñecas y todo lo demas y me dejo ponerle la campana. (aunque igual podia ponerle a blanc pero no se la pongas primero)

  5. Entonces para aclarar.
    El final de Chloe se logra
    Consiguiendo el protective charm, dandole a Chloe el dibujo cortado y la hoja en blanco.
    Y colocandole el cascabel a Noir y despues purificando el de Blanc.
    Despues en el final, entras a la habitacion con el cuchillo pero elegis no girarlo. Eso seria no?
    Igual lei el comentario de Eve R. que interpreta que Chloe esta viva? de que me perdi?? D: